• Hannah McLeay

    Hannah McLeay

    Advocate for mental health. Budgie mum to 3. Passionate about BLM, feminism and the environment. Dog sitter. She/her

  • Dr Elizabeth

    Dr Elizabeth

    Medical writer & editor. Love, my family, my labradors & life itself. Passionate writer, photographer. Health blogger. Phd Health Economics.

  • Brian Harder

    Brian Harder

    I love you! To my kids who will one day read these words! Forever their Life Coach and they are forever mine!

  • Desarie Alvarado

    Desarie Alvarado

  • Shanon Sandquist

    Shanon Sandquist

    I have had several dogs throughout my lifetime that I’ve cherished, took care of, and trained!

  • Cindy Ward

    Cindy Ward

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