Are Goldendoodles Aggressive?

Without proper training, all dogs can develop behaviors that are considered “aggressive” — including those cute Doodles.

Even this cute little fluff can become aggressive if you ignore the small signs.

he thing to know is that any dog can be aggressive. Even those super cute teddy bear doodles.

I think most people know that a dog can become aggressive if they came from a really bad situation like living on the street where they had to fight for food, or if they came from an abusive caretaker…but even if you’re the most LOVING pup parent ever, your pup CAN become aggressive. WHY?

It’s because these people did not invest in learning about proper training and socialization from the beginning.

Before I get into this…let’s talk about WHAT aggression is.

Aggression in MOST cases is derived from fear or frustration.

The issue is because people think Goldendoodles are just “nice” dogs, they don’t think they have to really invest in training. But if you don’t understand how dogs learn, and you don’t understand dog body language, you can cause a small problem your doodle has and turn it into aggression.

For example, a small whine to go visit another dog can turn into frustration over time. Frustration can eventually lead to leash reactivity — aggressive lunging/barking at other dogs while on leash.

If you want more examples, I talk about this in detail in the video below.

Want to know how to train your pup the RIGHT way?

If you want to dive deeper into training, be sure to register for my free on-demand webinar: 5 Biggest Training Mistakes Pup Parents Make, and How to Avoid Them.



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Lisa Ullery Gallegos

I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with free training videos on my YouTube channel, “Lisa Gallegos Dog Training”