Did you know you can teach your pup to look at you (by default) for direction?

There are two types of ‘focus’ you can teach your pup:

  1. Put it on cue (say their name/or ‘look at me’ to get them to focus on you)
  2. Default attention behavior (teach them to…

Need to potty train your Goldendoodle? In the video below, I cover exactly how to make sure your Goldendoodle has zero accidents.

Rule out all medical issues

This seems obvious, but there are so many clients who asked me about potty training issues, when their pup had a UTI…

Without proper training, all dogs can develop behaviors that are considered “aggressive” — including those cute Doodles.

Even this cute little fluff can become aggressive if you ignore the small signs.

The thing to know is that any dog can be aggressive. Even those super cute teddy bear doodles.

A puppy potty training protocol for zero accidents — from a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Potty training doesn’t have to be challenging.

Did you know that potty training begins as soon as you bring home your puppy? The issue is, most humans wait until their pup has an accident to get serious about potty training.

While potty…

Lisa Ullery Gallegos

I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with free training videos on my YouTube channel, “Lisa Gallegos Dog Training”

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