3 Fun Focus Dog Training Games

  1. Put it on cue (say their name/or ‘look at me’ to get them to focus on you)
  2. Default attention behavior (teach them to randomly check in during distracting situations)

Game One — Reward for looking

  1. Drop a treat by your feet
  2. The second they look at you, mark the behavior (click/verbal marker) and drop another treat

Game Two — Learning to Come Back

  1. Toss a treat 2–3 feet away
  2. Wait for them to come back to you
  3. If they don’t come back try game one until the default attention is stronger

Game Three — Engage/Disengage

  1. Make/play a noise that won’t scare them, but doesn’t get them too excited (away from you)
  2. Wait for them to look back at you
  3. Mark and reward them looking back at you



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Lisa Ullery Gallegos

Lisa Ullery Gallegos


I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with free training videos on my YouTube channel, “Lisa Gallegos Dog Training”