Trying to figure out how to potty train your new lab? In this video below, I go over the basics of labrador puppy training, and how you can prevent all accidents.

Step 1 is to create a schedule.

Lab puppies LOVE to chug lots of water, meaning, I like to schedule water intake for labs. This is because puppies can generally ‘hold it’ for one hour for every month old they are, but just like you and I, if we chug more water, we’ve definitely going to have to pee more.

Also, keep in mind that young puppies will…

Did you know that using a clicker or a verbal marker with your dog/puppy can speed up your training?

The issue is — most pup owners have no idea what they’re doing. Don’t worry, I will break down why you should use one, and how to properly use one, so keep reading.

Why you should use a clicker

So many pup owners don’t end up using a clicker because they think, “well I taught my childhood dog Sparky to sit and stay without a clicker…why do I need one now?”

It’s true — you don’t NEED one to teach…

Did you know you can teach your pup to look at you (by default) for direction?

There are two types of ‘focus’ you can teach your pup:

  1. Put it on cue (say their name/or ‘look at me’ to get them to focus on you)
  2. Default attention behavior (teach them to randomly check in during distracting situations)

I have three fun (and easy) games to teach default attention behavior. You can check it out in the video below, or keep reading!

All you need is a clicker, high-value treats, and your dog or puppy on a leash!

Game One — Reward for looking

  1. Drop a treat…

Teaching your dog or puppy to focus on cue, and check-in with you during walks is an excellent behavior to train. If you can’t get your pup to look in your direction, how are you going to get them to do anything else?

There are several other reasons why I highly recommend teaching your pup to focus, which I break down for you below.

Redirect your pup when they’re about to react to another dog or human

Whether your pup is about to react out of excitement or fear, redirecting is an excellent alternate behavior you can teach your pup…

Is it possible to raise a golden retriever in an apartment? The short answer is yes, it is possible as long as you’re doing these 4 things. I break it down in the video below (and in this post).

To be honest, there are SO many people who have a YARD and don’t give their pup these four basic things, because they think the “yard will take care of it.”

This is why I’ve found that many people who raise bigger dogs in apartments have more mentally healthy dogs because they make a mindful decision to ensure their golden…

Need to potty train your Goldendoodle? In the video below, I cover exactly how to make sure your Goldendoodle has zero accidents.

Rule out all medical issues

This seems obvious, but there are so many clients who asked me about potty training issues, when their pup had a UTI, or has a tummy ache.

You must ensure that all medical issues are taken care of FIRST before you can begin any potty training.

Prevent ALL accidents inside

This is the most important step.

In fact, if you ignored ALLLL the other steps and JUST did this one, you’d probably…

If your pup hates getting their “nails done” you’ll want to teach your pup to enthusiastically do their own.

Does your pup HATE to get their nails done? Even if they seem “willing,” remember that heavy panting is a sign of stress.

Without proper training, all dogs can develop behaviors that are considered “aggressive” — including those cute Doodles.

Even this cute little fluff can become aggressive if you ignore the small signs.

The thing to know is that any dog can be aggressive. Even those super cute teddy bear doodles.

A puppy potty training protocol for zero accidents — from a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Potty training doesn’t have to be challenging.

Did you know that potty training begins as soon as you bring home your puppy? The issue is, most humans wait until their pup has an accident to get serious about potty training.

While potty training requires a lot of attention from you, the human, just 1–2 weeks of dedication will result in a lifetime of zero accidents. Well, until they’re old and potentially develop incontinence but that’s a whole different story.

Here are the simple steps to potty training your pup so they have…

Lisa Ullery Gallegos

I’m a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with free training videos on my YouTube channel, “Lisa Gallegos Dog Training”

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